General information

Systematic Power aim to invent ecologic and energy efficient power system solutions in the future. One invention is two inverted Brayton turbine Electric Turbo Compounding internal combustion engine system which is 30% more energy efficient (efficiency about 53%) than present hybrid car engines. This means 2.5-3 litre/ 100 km fuel consumption without taking extra energy from battery. In marine and power diesel applications efficiency is 55% and expectedly 55-57% with natural gas because of higher maximum temperatures.

There exists also Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) with world record electric efficiency over 67.5% with commercially used GT (Gas Turbine) and Steam Turbine pressure and temperature values. CCGT patent US12,000,335 B2 has been granted in June 2024. Also for example single Rankine cycle exist. Also two electricity storage exist. Other is renewable hydrogen manufacturing related and other non-hydrogen innovation. Better of these likely offer world’s lowest electricity storage price. More in ”Innovations” link.

All inventions have different main idea. Non-confidential efficiency calculations of any of mentioned inventions are possible to order. Hybrid car engine calculations are free. Patent has been applied (and granted) only for internal combustion engine and combined cycle CCGT innovation invention allthough secrecy etc requirements are fullfilled. One reason is that possible deal with licence royalties might be good alternative instead of patenting all inventions by Systematic Power. All inventions reduce CO2 and there is also zero CO2 invention.